For the aircraft company AIRBUS, S&L delivered and commissioned 6 gensets based on turbocharged, stoichiometric Waukesha VGF engines, type P48GSID (500 kWel, 850 kWth each) In two installation steps the CHP-units were installed in two different buildings at the Airbus premises in Stade. Besides heat and power the units are used to produce inertgas to substitute the nitrogen production or liquid nitrogen purchase. Using a comprehensive exhaust gas treatment with catalytic converters, the dehydrated and compressed inert exhaust gas is utilized in huge autoclaves wherein bigger carbon fibre parts were heated to bond.

For nearly 20 years E.ON Hanse AG has been running a gas compressor set for their underground storage in Reitbrook near Hamburg. In cooperation with the notified body, IBexU-Institute, Freiberg, a complete overhaul and revision of the installation has been performed converting all engine accessories in compliance with the Zone 1 requirements. This conversion was required as the whole compressor station had been reviewed under safety aspects and it had been declared to ATEX Zone 1. Besides ATEX-confirm engine accessories and the explosion-proof air/fule-ratio-control, S&L delivered and installed a Zone-1 ignition system for the first time. Since May 2013 this installation has an unlimited operation permit.