chp refurbishment

A chp refurbishment can be done either by overhaul of engine and generator, or by exchange of the complete unit (repowering), as necessary with modified power output.

A comprehensive overhaul or repowering, however, should not be the end of it. The plant and its integration should be considered as a comprehensive system. Implementation of the plant into heating circuits and peripheral equipment and components, such as exhaust gas assembly, ventilation, etc., should be assessed, replaced and/or newly dimensioned, if so required. The control system, too, should be inspected and amended to the state-of-the-art.

S&L has the know-how and the capacity to provide the full service for all the above, from the assessment of the current installation to the commissioning of a totally overhauled chp plant. We compile the performance of our partners and suppliers to create a dedicated and custom-tailored solution for your project, and our professional project management will ensure that no interface problems will occur. In other words: chp SOLUTIONS.

Before modernization


After modernization