GE Waukesha information

Dependable service and support for your Waukesha installation can be assured only on the basis of 100% up-to-date information. Continuous improvement and optimization at Waukesha means the updating of hundreds of spare parts and designations. Tools and procedures are also adapted to current demands. For a competent service partner, this requires regular assessment and updating of all pertinent documents and information.

For our service partners this competence is ensured through:

- Support trough Waukesha-certified personnel

- Regular training in the Waukesha Product Training Center

. - for our own staff and

. - for our service partners' staff

- Operator training

- Regular updates of "Service Bulletins" (Product updates, work and

. service instructions issued by the Waukesha service department)

- Regular updates for new spare parts

- Information exchange with Waukesha engineers working world-wide

- Our close contact with Waukesha

For any further questions and for more detailed information feel free to contact our product and project support.