For one of the biggest computing centers in Germany, S&L delivered and installed 7 VHP-Gensets based on Waukesha L7042G (645 kWe and 968 kWth each). These gensets were installed in two different parts of the office buildings, 3 sets in the cellar of the brand new office building. The other four were substituting Jenbacher lean burn engines in an existing CHP installation. Besides the delivery of hot water for a 110°C absorption chiller system for the air conditioning of the computer racks and offices, uninterruptable power supply is provided for the whole facility. The stoichiometric engines utilize 3-way converter technique to reach the low emission limits.

CHP w/ elevated JW temperature

In many applications, Waukesha gas engines can be operated at elevated jacket water temperatures. Standard engine set-ups allow for JW temperatures of up to 99°C. However, a number of installations will yield greater overall efficiencies when coolant temperatures can be increased as is the case with absorption chillers, where high return flow temperatures may occur.

Waukesha gas engines can be operated at jacket water temperatures of up to 125 °C, which supports a wide range of special applications. The specific design, set-up and approval depends on local conditions, and this should be considered for every such project. For further information on this issue, please contact our product management.

The following sections describe some installations which were realized with Waukesha engines operating at elevated JW temperatures.

Swissôtel Neuss

2 x Waukesha VHP F3521G, elev. JW temp., 340 kWe and 560 kWth, each. The heat recovered from the engines is sufficient to heat the complete hotel with its 246 rooms and conference centers. In the seasonal transition periods and during summer time, the engines with their increased coolant temperatures provide for a substantial share of the air-conditioning volume by way of an absorption chiller.

The chp plant does not only supply nearly 2/3 of the electric energy for the hotel, it also replaces the previously installed standby Diesel generators. Thus, the new 'combined heating/cooling/power generation plant' did not require any additional construction work. The hotel's total energy costs could be reduced by approx. 35%.

Westf. Provinzialversicherung

4 x Waukesha VHP L5108G, elev. JW temp., 460 kWe and 850 kWth, each.
At the headquarters of 'Westfälische Provinzialversicherung' in Münster, 4 Waukesha VHP engines supply the electricity, heat and - by way of absorption chillers - the cooling power for the air-conditioning system.

The plant is also an essential element for the supply of electric energy for the office building, as it ensures uninterrupted power for the data processing centre.

For Example: Flughafen Airport

6 x VHP L7042G with 700 kWe and 1,200 kWth, each.
The chp plant at the Hamburg airport is a typical example for the manifold and complex operational uses of chp plants running on natural gas. As of 1992, this unique installation has been complementing the energy supply for Hamburg's international airport.

The heat of the engines is recovered both for heating and - via absorber units - for refrigeration. On top of this, the exhaust gas provides energy for the production of approx. 3.7 tons of steam per hour.