June -10-2015

New engines for Airbus Stade

The 3 gas gensets which have been delivered in 2007 (see Opens internal link in current windowspecial applications), were scheduled to have their first major overhaul this year. In order to minimize the period without redundancy for the inert gas production, the customer decided to buy new engines. The disturbance of the production should be as short as possible. There was a time frame of 8 weeks for the complete repowering project, exactly the maintenance-free period for the redundancy installation. We received the order for repowering of the 3 CHP-units from the engineering company MECOPLAN, which was assigned with the renovation of the complete installation.

Within 6 weeks, all old engines were stripped, prepared for their discharge, brought out together with their alternators, which have been overhauled during that period, too. New engines were partly dismantled, brought back with their alternators and finally put on the common base frame again.

Engines were completed and the gensets got recommissioned set by set.  After a test run of several days -it was exactly 7 weeks after the project start- the complete installation was handed over to the customer again.


December 20, 2013

S&L gets planning assignment from E.ON Hanse Wärme for 10 MW cogeneration plant


At the end of a successful 2013 which included the successful completion of cogeneration projects in Hohenhorst and Neuenfelde, S&L SOLUTIONS was given the planning assignment by E.ON Hanse Wärme GmbH for the integration section of the new 10 MW cogeneration plant at the Stapelfeld site.

E.ON Hanse Wärme plans to erect northern Germany's largest gas engine power plant. Its vital core is the new GE Jenbacher J920 with 9.5 MW electric output.


Read the corresponding press releases from E.ON and GE here:

press release GE


By means of intelligently conceptualised use of the thermal energy, not only will the degree of electric efficiency attain a world class result, but even the thermal efficiency degree will set standards. Among other things, a thermal pump is also used with whose assistance heat from the third stage of the exhaust boiler, generator loss heat and via the ventilation even a portion of the engine radiation heat can be integrated into the E.ON Hanse district heating grid.


The scope of S&L's performance includes integration planning, project management as well as construction management for the integration plant.


"We are very happy and proud that E.ON Hanse Wärme has entrusted us with this task and confronted us with this challenge," says Stefan Schöne, project manager and SOLUTIONS division manager at S&L. "The complexity of the entire system and not least of all the 10 MW output capacity confronts us with a major challenge. But thanks to reliable collaboration with our client as well as with the main supplier, GE Jenbacher, we are looking forward to this assignment with confidence."

"Although we are all entering into a new territory with the 10 MW capacity, we are optimistic that we will be able to put this plant on stream smoothly and on schedule," as the designated construction manager Raimund Meyer put it.


S&L SOLUTIONS has since 2005 successfully collaborated by now in over 30 cogeneration plant modernization projects with E.ON Hanse Wärme GmbH and has successfully positioned itself in the promising cogeneration plant modernisation and repowering segment. These exclusively positive references were certainly a weighty argument for E.ON Hanse Wärme GmbH in awarding the job to S&L.




S&L delivers Waukesha gas engines for North Sea platform

In September 2013 S&L has been awarded to deliver two 16-cylinder VHP engines for the GDF-Suez platform E17a in the North Sea. This production platform is located about 160 km north-west from den Helder, just outside of the Dutch North Sea sector. Here, extracted field gas is cleaned and dried before it is supplied to the gas pipeline. As to date, two compressor sets do the job, driven by Caterpillar lean burn engines running on field gas.

The new Dutch Emission Legislation (BEMS), valid for new installations from 2010 and binding for all stationary gas engine plants from 2017, gave the impetus for the complete modernization of the platform compressor system. In general, lean-burn engines are not able to meet the stringent NOx levels (100mg/m³N) without installing a complex SCR technology. The logistical efforts for urea supply and disposal on a platform dropped this alternative very early. An overhaul of the lean burn engines was no longer useful in this context. Besides the new compressors, the revamping does also include two new stoichiometric gas engines. With their controlled catalytic converter (3-Way-Catalyst) these engines are capable to meet these stringent NOx emission limits.


The Dutch packager ConPackSys B.V. was entrusted with the construction of the new compressor package incorporating two compressor units on a common framework and they their selves placed the order about two engines at S&L for a planned delivery in March 2014.

Key facts:


Compressor:Ariel JGD/4
Range of speeds:750-1000 U/min
Gas engine:Waukesha P9390GSI
Power:1100 kW @ 920U/min
Emissions:Ultra-Low (100 mg/m³N)





E.ON Hanse Wärme commissions the "most efficient cogeneration plant in the North".

On 19 June 2013, E.ON Hanse Wärme GmbH was able to commission the Hanseatic City's first ultra-efficient cogeneration plant in Hamburg-Wandsbek, with Hamburg's Environment Minister Jutta Blankau and top executives from E.ON Hanse AG, GE Energy and GE Jenbacher present.

In the new modernised cogeneration plant (at the site where three GE Waukesha VHP engines were previously in operation for some 20 years) GE Jenbacher's first JMS424 module in Germany has been integrated into a new holistic design with condensation heat exchangers and a giant thermal pump. The cogeneration plant has now attained a 44% degree of electric efficiency and a total efficiency degree of about 100%.

S&L SOLUTIONS was in charge of integrating the cogeneration plant on assignment from GE Jenbacher. S&L's scope of supply and performance included dismantling the former plant, hot water and exhaust integration into the new JMS 424 module as well as integration of a smaller in-house requirement module, integration of the giant thermal pump, the ventilation system as well as project management for the entire project and construction management for the integration plant.

"We are very happy and proud that GE Jenbacher and E.ON Hanse Wärme have entrusted us with this task and confronted us with this challenge," says Stefan Schöne, manager of S&L Solutions. S&L project manager Raimund Meyer added: "The complexity of the entire system and the large number of plant components involved confronted us with quite a challenge. Thanks to the excellent cooperation with our client GE Jenbacher, the end customer E.ON Hanse Wärme and our sub-contractors and partners, we finally succeeded in commissioning the plant smoothly and on schedule."

Almost simultaneously, S&L Solutions was working on assignment from E.ON Hanse Wärme GmbH on a comparable project in Hamburg-Neuenfelde where a GE Jenbacher JMS 412 module constitutes the core of the plant. S&L SOLUTIONS has since 2005 successfully collaborated by now in over 30 cogeneration plant modernisation projects with E.ON Hanse Wärme GmbH and has successfully positioned itself in the promising cogeneration plant modernisation and repowering segment.




S&L Energie-Projekte New Distributor for Waukesha Gas Engines
in the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy

In February 2011, GE acquired Dresser Inc. and as part of that, the Waukesha gas engines business. As part of the integration of Waukesha in GE’s Gas Engines business, GE Energy realigned the distribution network for Waukesha gas engines in Western Europe. As a result, S&L Energie-Projekte GmbH, headquartered in Spelle (Germany) has been confirmed as Waukesha distributor for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and further has been appointed as Waukesha distributor for the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy (service and parts only), effective December 1st 2011.

S&L Energie-Projekte, with its network of partner companies, has decades of combined knowledge, expertise and experience in the sales and service of Waukesha gas engine products. S&L has been the Waukesha Authorized Distributor since 1998 and offers a comprehensive service network with Waukesha-certified technicians, a Waukesha-certified workshop for component remanufacturing and engine rebuild, and the largest European warehouse for genuine Waukesha spare parts. Beyond that, S&L can offer complete solutions, including project management, in repowering and modernization of CHP plants

“We are very pleased by this proof of confidence of GE Energy’s Gas Engines in S&L.”, said Raimund Dieckmann, managing director of S&L Energie-Projekte. “We will extend our successful performance into the new territories. It’s our goal to reach the same level of service quality and customer satisfaction in the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy as we have reached in Germany.”

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